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The Many Benefits of Exercising

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The Many Benefits of Exercising

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important to most college students. In order to do this, majority are incorporating exercise as part of their weekly routines.

Eighty-two percent of students indicated they exercise at least once a week. The mains reasons for exercising are to be healthy (75%), feel good (65%), and relieve stress (588%).

On average, students reported working out two times a week. The most common exercise activities are cardio related (e.g., walking, running, using cardio machines) followed by strength exercises (e.g., using free weights, weight machines).

In order to monitor their activity, more than one-third of students use an app and/or fitness tracker.  Most students (75%) who use these trackers use them to track the distance they walk/run or their overall physical activity. An additional 37% of fitness-tracker users use them for non-exercise related tracking, like measuring sleeping or eating habits. 

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